Students' potent PSA focues on eating disorders

GREENWOOD Village, Colo. - A pair of middle school students are receiving international recognition for their work on a silent film with a powerful message.

Aspen Academy students Olivia Malone and Cameron Dryer set out to make a PSA for class, but wanted to do something unique. They planned and worked for weeks, finally completing the project in mid-February.

"She's the producer and I'm the director," Malone said about their work.

The result of their work was called "You are Beautiful," a four-minute video about the pressures to be thin.

It was voted the best entry from their school.

"I think we were both kind of surprised, it's the first one we did together and it was really exciting," Dryer said.

The girls walked the red carpet to win viewers' choice in a state competition and recently won first place at the My Hero International Film Festival.

They had no idea the film would go so far or have such an impact.

"The scene that hit me the hardest was when she's um, she's looking in the mirror, sorry, it's just remembering," said film teacher Dan Marcus, whose daughter battled an eating disorder years ago.

"No matter how much you try and convince them as parents you're beautiful, they don't believe you. That's how serious that disorder is. The girls hit it right on the head," Marcus said.

-- Mobile users can watch the students' video on YouTube

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