Student awarded full four-year scholarship to Colorado State University at 2014 Derby party

DENVER - The Kentucky Derby party on 14th Street in Denver is celebrating this year's races, of course, and also the success of a remarkable young woman.

Briana Kimble is the recipient of a life-changing academic scholarship from the Sean "Ranch" Lough Memorial Scholarship Foundation.

Kimble had nowhere to call home for many years.

"I had places I lived, lots and lots of places I lived, but not a home per say," she said.

She lived in a Jeep for a while and was begging people for money just to be able to buy food and survive.

"That was one of the rougher parts of my life," Kimble said.

But Kimble stayed in school and kept her focus on academics, while also working to support herself. And those years of hard work have paid off.

At this year's Derby party, 7NEWS' own Dayle Cedars will present Kimble with an academic scholarship -- a full ride for four years at Colorado State University. Kimble's is the second of two scholarships sponsored by 7NEWS. The first went to Eunice Bembissa, who moved to Colorado from Congo and began seventh grade without knowing any English at all. 

The Derby party is sold out, and it was the money spent on those tickets that helped make this scholarship possible.

Thanks to everyone who contributed already, and if you are interested in giving to the Sean "Ranch" Lough Memorial Scholarship Foundation, visit

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