Stuck Highway 36 drivers use Pinewood Springs man's backyard as restroom

Homeowner posts 'Don't P Here' sign

PINEWOOD SPRINGS, Colo. - When John Koch looks out his back window in Pinewood Springs, the vista he loves is a beautiful mountain at sunset.

”We have million dollar views around here," he said, wistfully.
But recent home video shows the view he is seeing lately is more Monty than mountains.

"The view I want out my back door isn’t somebody dropping their drawers," said Koch.

In recent weeks, the Colorado Department of Transportation has been blasting, rebuilding U.S. Highway 36 after the floods while drivers wait.

This weekend, Koch said, with a 90-minute delay, it all came to a head -- no pun intended.

"Yesterday, within half-an-hour there were three groups of people using my yard," said Koch.

He has tried having a sense of humor, posting a 'Don't  P Here' sign.  Then, he posted a no trespassing sign. He put up a rope and piled branches between trees.

"It doesn't seem to be working," he said. "What about this doesn't scream private property!?"

But when you've got to go... well, maybe you don't notice the portable toilets within view of Koch's property.

Instead, people climb over the berm to hide from the highway, facing Koch's picture window to do their business.

Koch and his wife are now trying to catch trespassers on camera to turn them in, because with construction scheduled to last until the end of the year, there is no relief in sight... or rather there's too much.

"It’s going to be going on all summer," said Koch, "it’s just beginning."

Koch said he just wishes CDOT would stop traffic only during the work week and not on weekends so tourists going to and from Estes Park don't get stuck.

CDOT did post a warning on its website about 30-minute stops and recommended people take alternative routes such as Highway 34 and Highway 7.

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