Stronger marijuana drug called wax is legal in Colorado, but DEA crackdown underway in California

DENVER - While Drug Enforcement Administration agents in California are cracking down on the popular new drug known as “wax,” people in Colorado are rushing to embrace it.

Wax is a distillation of marijuana that is so potent that it is said a single hit will keep a person high for more than a day.

“There is no weed out there that possesses the punching power that the wax does,” an undercover DEA informant who asked to remain anonymous told ABC News’ “Nightline.” “And it’s like smoking 20 joints of the best grade of weed that you have into one hit of the wax.”

While the DEA is concerned about the dangers of making the drug and the high concentration of the THC, in Colorado, wax is legal.

Anyone over 21 can walk into a recreational marijuana dispensary and buy it right off the shelf.

There was even a three-day contest last November, named the X-Cup, to see who could make the most potent batch.

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