Strong winds hit Colorado Feb. 21 -- Take a look at the top wind speeds

DENVER - Expect gusty winds to continue Friday, especially in the northern mountains and foothills.

"The recent strong winds have been the result of a strong jet stream blasting down from the Pacific Northwest across Colorado," explained 7NEWS meteorologists Mike Nelson and Lisa Hidalgo. "The winds aloft are roaring along at 120-150 mph at altitudes of 25,000 feet.  Some of this momentum transfers down to ground level and creates the wild winds we have been experiencing."

Here's a look at the strongest winds in the last 24 hours:

- Gold Hill (Boulder County), 93 mph

- SW Boulder, 89 mph

- Lyons, 81 mph

- Longmont, 76 mph

- Rocky Flats, 70 mph

- Genesee, 67 mph

- Broomfield Airport, 46 mph

- Copper Mountain, 45 mph

- Longmont, 25 mph

- Sterling, 25 mph

- Denver International Airport, 18 mph

- Denver City Park, 17 mph gust

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