Frozen Dead Guy days events taking place Sunday in Nederland

Frozen Dead Guy Days events are happening Sunday in Nederland, after being postponed because of snowy conditions.

The major events -- the polar plunge, parade and coffin races -- have been moved to Sunday at the same time they were scheduled for Saturday, according to The Mountain-Ear newspaper.

Boulder Canyon, Highway 119, was closed from 9 a.m. to around 11 a.m. Saturday because of multiple crashes.

Frozen Dead Guy Days honors Grandpa Bredo. Bredo died in 1989 in Norway. After he died, he was packed in dry ice and shipped to a facility in California where he was placed in liquid nitrogen for almost four years. Then he was moved to Colorado in 1993. Bredo's body is in a shed in Nederland.

Frozen Dead Guy Days has celebrated Bredo and winter for more than a decade.

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