Stolen dinosaur mystery solved

Littleton car wash owns stolen Velociraptor

GOLDEN, Colo. - Remember the stolen velociraptor that the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office was tying to find the owner of? 

Last week, the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office posted a picture of the dinosaur, asking for help in locating the owner.

This weekend, the owner contacted 7NEWS to let us know it is his and it was stolen from his business on Sept. 18.

Steve Burns said "Oscar" is usually chained at his Bubble Bays car wash at 6587 W. Ottawa Ave., in Littleton.  However, a crew cleaning sewer drains needed to move it, so it was unchained and Burns forgot to chain it back up.

He turned over surveillance video of the theft to the sheriff's office and filed a theft report on the missing dinosaur.

Burns told 7NEWS three Dakota Ridge High School students apparently used the 6-foot, 100-pound dinosaur for a school prank and that's how it ended up at the sheriff's office.  He said he is picking up his dinosaur on Monday and returning it to the car wash.

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