State Senator Greg Brophy's bill would let Colorado parents buy alcohol for children

DENVER - Parents could buy alcohol for their children at Colorado bars and restaurants if they were 18 and older but not 21 yet, under a proposal by a Republican lawmaker.

Sen. Greg Brophy is introducing the bill for the legislative session that begins Wednesday. He says he thought of the proposal because he and his wife recently took their daughter to dinner to celebrate her 20th birthday, and she couldn't have a drink with them.

Brophy says he also wants parents of returning servicemen to be able to buy their children drinks at bars or restaurants.

He says the bill would allow parents to buy their adult children drinks in any place that allows on-premise alcohol consumption. Wisconsin has a similar law.


Mothers Against Drunk Driving President Opposes Bill

Yet, this concept of drinking and dining with dad, doesn't sit well the president of the Mothers Against Drunk Driving, whose teenage daughter was killed by an underage drunk driver.

"When people under the age of 21 drink alcohol with their parents, they actually drink more frequently and in larger quantities," Jan Withers, president of MADD, told 7NEWS.

That's why she's asking the sponsor not to introduce the bill.

"It's a huge endorsement and it's one that's contrary to our laws," Withers said.

Brophy responded by saying, "I recognize there are maybe people who don't like it. But again I have to ask…If you're trusted to vote, if you're trusted to carry a weapon in the service of your country, why can't we trust you to buy a beer at the bar?"

"Showing them a responsible way to consume alcohol is actually an important part of growing up,” Brophy added.


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