Springtime in the Rockies: Snow in April not unusual in Colorado

Springtime in the Rockies can mean snow, cold, warmth and sunshine, thunderstorms, tornadoes and hail - sometimes all in the same day!!

April is a snowy month in Colorado, the second snowiest of the year for Denver - right after March.

We could use the snow, as so far this season, we are about 15 inches below average on snowfall in Denver. The mountains have done much better, but we need some moisture down here too!

The early spring is often the most turbulent time of year in Colorado as the retreating chill of winter does battle with the ever increasing warmth of spring.

The temperature contrasts from north to south can create and tremendous amount of instability in our atmosphere and the result is often a very wild ride!

The heaviest snows of the year for the Front Range usually occur in late March through early May. Some of the really big snowstorms can dump 2-3 feet of soggy snow on the foothills west of Denver.

As you slog through the slush, keep in mind that this is not unusual and will help our lawns and gardens grow.

Sunshine will return for Friday - making for a perfect day for the Rockies home opener.


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