Southwest Airlines flights hit by computer glitch

DENVER - A computer problem temporarily grounded Southwest Airlines flights Friday night.

Southwest Airlines tweeted that the problem was mostly affecting departing West Coast flights.  Reports confirmed departing flights at Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Reno-Tahoe were among those affected.

"I'm confident we'll begin dispatching flights soon, sorry for the delay! We'll take care of you!" the airline tweeted.

Some of grounded flights were beginning to take off around midnight Denver time.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Southwest spokeswoman Michelle Agnew said airports on the West Coast, in the Mountain states and even some in the Midwest had been affected, but she could give a precise number.

Southwest flights at DIA were also affected by the computer glitch.  The airport tweeted that any passengers flying Southwest Airlines should check their flight status with the airline.

The airline tweeted that it did not know how long the ground delay would last but some flights were being brought back to terminals so that the passengers could deplane.

Planes that were already in the air were not affected.

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