Southmoor residents warned of new scam involving a distraction while a second crook enters the home

DENVER - An email sent to residents of the Southmoor neighborhood warned residents of a new scam. It said one man distracted a woman while his accomplice snuck into the garage and entered the woman's home.

The email shared with several Homeowners Associations in the area states, "The police surmise that the two men are operating a scam where they sneak into the garage when the homeowner pulls in. The individuals then wait behind the vehicle until the garage door closes. One person distracts the homeowner while the other man is inside robbing the homeowner."

7NEWS Reporter Lindsey Sablan spoke with the victim, who asked we keep her identity anonymous. She said the men seemed to have a legitimate story.

"He said he was working on the house in back of us," she said. "He said his mother bought the house and she wanted the tree trimmed up. So I said, what your mother's name? Jessica. And I said what's your name, and he gave me his name. I was interviewing him...and he had all the answers."

The woman said the man kept her in the backyard for nearly an hour explaining the work that was going to be done. She didn't realize anything was going on until he left and she went back inside.

"Things were thrown all over. Things were pulled out of drawers and hanging," she said. "My first clue was the closet doors were left open. I never leave those closet doors open. Never, ever."

The homeowner said it doesn't appear anything was taken.

Denver police confirm they are investigating the case.

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