Some marijuana shops' supplies dwindling, running out

Other stores report plenty of pot

DENVER - Some marijuana stores in Denver are dealing with dwindling supplies or even running out of retail product entirely.

And while some stores are rationing their pot, limiting customers to an eighth of an ounce, others have buds a plenty.

"We are very well stocked here at Medicine Man," said Elan Nelson, with Medicine Man Denver, which is allowing customers to buy the full ounce allowed under law. "We're not worried about running out."

It's a different story at The Clinic, near Interstate 25 and Colorado Boulevard, where the sign outside reads, "We are currently out of recreational cannabis."
"We ultimately ran out of our flower products for retail sales," said Ryan Cook, general manager at The Clinic. "We had a thousand people in line every day for the first four days."
Some smaller stores are also concerned about supply, but The Clinic is a large operation with six stores and three grow facilities.
So, why the discrepancy in supply? Dispensaries were allowed a one-time transfer of inventory from medical marijuana to recreational.
The Clinic transferred 30 percent of its marijuana inventory to recreational use. Medicine Man Denver transferred 65 percent.
"It was a guess as to what that response from the consumer is going to be," said Nelson. "And it was overwhelming, and so I'm glad we guessed on the side of overdoing it."
But at The Clinic, Cooks said their goal is to remain mostly a medical marijuana business.
"I mean, of course, from the business side of things, I can see why someone might think that we should have transferred more, but again our model has been to make sure we take care of those medical patients," said Cook. "We still have plenty for the medical side."
He said they are expecting a fresh supply of pot on Thursday and should be restocked soon for recreational customers.
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