Social media reacts to governor's Dunlap reprieve

DENVER - A decision by Gov. John Hickenlooper to grant a reprieve to condemned Chuck E. Cheese killer Nathan Dunlap has stirred emotional reaction on social media.

Dunlap was convicted of murder and sentenced to death by a Colorado jury.  We was slated to be  executed by lethal injection in August.

Dunlap was a 19-year-old former employee when he walked into a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant in Aurora in 1993 at closing time and shot five people in the head, before taking $1,500 from a safe. Three teenagers and a mother of two died. One person survived the shooting. Dunlap had recently been fired from the restaurant.

After Hickenlooper announced his decision to grant Dunlap a reprieve, Twitter lit up with comments.









Facebook users had even more to say, with more than 700 comments left on our post announcing the governor's decision.

Ryan Stoops wrote, "Great job Hick. Your recent decisions will guarantee early retirement from politics."

Justine Gomez: "What a slap in the face to not only his victims, but those who had to sit on that jury and make the tough decision to put him to death for his crimes. Shame on the governor! Very disappointed."

Janice Puckette: "Cloud What is the point of a trial when the governor won't execute the sentencing???" How is this justice????

Dan Castle: "Why should taxpayers have to pay to prolong the life of any convicted murderer. I think it's ridiculous ! ! ! Our prisons are already overfilled."

Johnny Kenville: "What’s the point of having the judge and jury sit through an extensive trial, make the decisions they did, have appeals exhausted to then have someone that did not sit in on the trail make these decisions?"

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