Small fire reported near Strontia Springs Reservoir in Waterton Canyon; some homes on pre-evacuation

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. - A small wildfire in Jefferson County prompted the Sheriff's Office to warn residents in the Maxwell Hills Subdivision to be ready to evacuate. A second wildfire was burning on the Jefferson County and Douglas County line.

The fire that led to the evacuations is being called the Bear Gulch Fire. it is burning southwest of Cottonwood Road and northeast of Keuhster Road.

Jefferson County announced the level 1, or pre-evacuation notice, just before 3:30 p.m. They say 106 phones registered to residents in Maxwell Hills were sent the notification.

According to the Inter-Canyon Fire Protection District, the smoke rising from that fire ceased after nine water drops from a helicopter. Still, the pre-evacuation order remains in place.

Firefighters may embark Tuesday on the 6 hour hike to the fire, but decided it was too dangerous to make the trek overnight.

The second fire is burning on the Douglas County side of the Strontia Springs Reservoir. AIRTRACKER7 saw red streaks downhill from that smoke, indicative of fire retardant drops from an air tanker.

The Waterton Canyon trailhead is closed as a result of that fire.

The canyon was closed last Thursday for the Lime Gulch Fire in Jefferson County. The canyon briefly reopened this morning before it was shut down because of this latest fire.

** Editors Note: 7NEWS previously confused and reversed the locations of these two fires. We apologize for the confusion.

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