Skier trapped in Vail avalanche to have surgery this week

DENVER - The Colorado skier who survived being buried in an avalanche last Sunday will have surgery this week on his knee.

Edwin LaMair was skiing in the backcounty with his brother, Davis, and another friend when an avalanche hit the steep east and southeast terrain of the East Vail Chutes.

LaMair was buried.

"Once I started sliding headfirst down the hill it sunk in that I was in a big avalanche, and this was really happening, and I might die," Edwin LaMair told ABC News Correspondent Clayton Sandell.

LaMair was wearing a device that would help him breathe under the snow, but it was ripped out of his mouth.

Fortunately, when the avalanche stopped, LaMair's head was above the snow. However, the rest of his body was buried.

LaMair's brother saw the slide, then found his brother. The rescue was recorded on Davis' helmet cam.

"I started to see debris flow down and then Edwin slid down at the end of the avalanche, " Davis LaMair said Monday.

"We were lucky that they were above to find me, and my head was above, before it got dark," Edwin said.

Edwin tore his MCL and ACL, but says he's doing pretty good.

- Mobile users click here for video of LaMairs' rescue on YouTube

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