Six Denver Police officers are placed on administrative leave after Wednesday's chase/shooting

One injured suspect shot multiple times

DENVER - Six Denver Police officers are on routine administrative leave following a police chase and shooting where a Denver officer was shot and one of the suspects killed.

7NEWS asked Denver Police how many officers fired their weapons during the chase that covered Northeast Denver from 32nd Avenue to 46th Avenue and from Lipan Street to Umatilla Street. The number of officers and number of shots fired was not revealed, but DPD said six officers are on leave.

According to the DPD operations manual, "When death occurs remove the officer from any line duty assignment, pending the results of an administrative review."

7NEWS also confirmed one of the injured suspects was shot multiple times.

The police chase ended when the suspects' pickup truck slammed into a tree at 39th Avenue and Osage Street.

Airtracker7 flew overhead as paramedics took three suspects from the scene on stretchers.

One of the suspects, Michael Valdez, 38, was shot multiple times. Chuck Montoya, 21, was hit with less lethal force and was injured by a police dog. Alyssa Moralez, 21, was injured as a result of the crash.

One of the suspects, who still has not been identified, was found dead near the truck.

A fifth suspect, Jude Martinez, 21, was captured about one block away after running from the crash scene.

Officer Robert Motyka was injured when he was shot in the shoulder by a bullet that went through his windshield.

The Denver District Attorney's Office investigates all officer-involved shootings. According to a review done following 2011, the District Attorney's Office has only filed charges in three officer-involved shootings in the last 40 years. In two of those cases, a jury found the officers not guilty. A third case from the 1980s involved an intoxicated off-duty officer, not in uniform. A person was injured in that shooting. The officer pleaded guilty to assault.

According to data from the District Attorney's Office, charges are filed in about one-in-500 officer-involved shootings. Denver investigates approximately eight per year, meaning an average of one criminal filing every 60 years.

The majority of officer-involved shootings are found to be justified.

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