Shreveport to Denver flight turns around after bird strike

DENVER - A flight from Shreveport, La. to Denver was forced to return to the Shreveport airport after a bird strike.

A passenger aboard United Express Flight 6099 told 7NEWS an announcement was made about 20 minutes into the flight concerning the problem. The passenger also said the pilot announced they would be dumping fuel and made a quick descent.

It isn't clear where the bird hit the plane, however a radar flight track showed the plane was over Lake O' the Pines in East Texas when it turned around.  

A passenger said they were told that the plane's instruments were showing the pilots false data after the impact.

"The stewardess came and told us about it," said passenger Caroline Frierson.   "I thought it was a joke.  I had to ask her are you kidding?  I thought she was going to say smile, you’re on candid camera!"

Passengers praised the crew as being professional and calm throughout the flight.

"Did you ever fear for your safety?" asked 7News Reporter Marc Stewart. 

"A little bit. I was watching the flight attendant and we did pray," said Kristi Dutton.

After landing, the Embraer RJ-145 was taken to be inspected at a facility in the Shreveport airport complex.

Passengers re-boarded that aircraft and it finally arrived in Denver at about 8:30 p.m.

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