Shots fired outside tattoo shop after woman denied a piercing

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - Colorado Springs Police are trying to determine why a man whose friend went to the wrong place for a piercing opened fire outside a tattoo shop.

Officers were called to the area of Beacon and Fillmore streets at 12:07 Monday morning on a report of shots fired.

Officers said they determined a woman went into a nearby tattoo shop around 10 p.m. and asked for a piercing.

When the woman was told the shop didn't do piercings, she left, got in a car and drove off.

However, when she drove around to the stop sign in the front of the business, a man in her car opened fire in the direction of the tattoo shop, investigators said.

The bullets hit a vehicle parked outside.

Investigators said they don't know if the target was the shop or the vehicle.

No one was hurt, but two shell casing from a larger caliber handgun were found in the area, police said.

Witnesses gave police very little to go on -- only saying the gunman was an Hispanic or black man in a white Chrysler Lebaron. 

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