Sexual assault on a child suspect informed police of accusations against himself

MESA COUNTY, Colo. - A man who called police to report he was being accused of molesting a young girl was later arrested for that crime.

Information from the Mesa County Sheriff's Office reveals that Tillman Clifton, 38, of Whitewater, was arrested at 5:40 a.m. Tuesday on a charge of sexual assault on a child. He is being held without bond.

According to the report provided by the Sheriff's Office, he had called dispatchers and told them his wife made the allegations. Deputies were dispatched and found him asleep in the front seat of a running minivan in the driveway outside 18600 Highway 141 in Whitewater.

Clifton told deputies that "the drama" had started that night when his wife walked out into the living room where he had been masturbating. According to the report, he said his wife saw a child asleep on the couch and said she was "jumping to conclusions."

Clifton also told the deputies that if he was going to touch a child it would have been an older child and not the one in question.

A deputy also spoke to Clifton's wife, who said she caught him sitting on the floor beside the couch with his hand underneath a blanket that was over the child. The report says she also described a towel and lotion sitting on a table near him.

According to the report, the girl also spoke to the deputy and said she was asleep on the couch but woke up when Clifton jumped on her. She described Clifton putting her into several positions, rubbing lotion on her arms and telling her how much he loved her.

The girl also indicated this wasn't the first time Clifton had engaged in that kind of behavior.

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