Senior bank robber, Datha Nation, captured after escape

LONGMONT, Colo. - A 65-year-old woman convicted of bank robbery is back in jail after escaping from the Boulder County Jail's work release program.

Police arrested Datha Nation at a bus terminal on warrants for escape and failure to comply with her sentence.

She is also accused of attempting to influence a public servant because of fake identification information provided to police after her escape.

Nation was arrested after a Wells Fargo bank robbery in 2011 where she reportedly threatened the teller with AIDS.

Police said the woman approached the counter and gave the teller a note explaining that she was robbing the bank.

"She indicated she had AIDS and would give it to the teller if she didn't cooperate," said Longmont police spokesman Jeff Satur.

The teller gave her an undisclosed amount of cash and the woman walked off.

She did not show a weapon and no one was hurt, Satur said.

The woman tells the Longmont Times-Call she thought she was going to be released from her work release sentence Jan. 7.

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