Search warrant: 3 guns found in home where mom shot kids; Isabel Perez survived

DENVER - Three guns were found in the home where a mother shot her three children earlier this month, killing two of them. Two of the guns, a shotgun and a handgun were found with the mother, Mayra Nunez.

Nunez also shot and killed herself.

In the search warrant obtained by 7NEWS, Nunez's husband, Ricky Perez, told police he and his his wife had an argument on February 5 and he spent the night a friend's home.

Perez said he came home the next morning to take one of the children to school.

Perez said when he went inside, he found Nunez, 4-year-old Navaeh, 2-year-old Isabel and 1-year-old Eric on a mattress on the floor in a bedroom. All of them had been shot.

According to the search warrant, Perez told a 911 operator that his wife had shot herself and the three kids.

Police said Nunez and two of the children -- Naveah and Eric died. However, Isabel survived.

The search warrant said police found a shotgun in Nunez's lap and a small caliber handgun on the mattress.

The warrant shows three guns were found in the home along with multiple shells, pellets and cartridges. The warrant does not say who owned the guns.

Last week, a family member told 7NEWS that Isabel had awoken from her coma. However, she remains in critical condition. The family has established a fund for Isabel at Wells Fargo banks. The account number is 6257187770 and the routing number is 121000248.

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