Search on for wanted felon who cut off ankle monitor, allegedly pistol whipped woman

Bond increased to $1 million

JEFFERSON COUNTY, Colo. - Amber Jasper may be staying in a safe house, but secure is the last thing she feels.

"I sleep during the day because at night, I can't see outside, I can't hear, it's a little scarier," Jasper told 7NEWS.

Documents show convicted felon, Randy Rodriguez, the man police say pistol whipped her and shattered her jaw, cut off his ankle monitor on Thursday.  Jefferson County Pretrial Services received a "strap tamper," from Rodriguez's GPS unit indicating it had been removed at 9:11 pm.  Records show police found the ankle monitor in a dumpster in the area of 2065 S. Osage Street in Denver.

"I do feel like the justice system failed me," Jasper said.

Jasper said Rodriguez's cash bond of just $2500 was too low.  Court records show he's a convicted felon with a 20-year rap sheet including assault, burglary, drugs, robbery and weapons offenses.  He also has multiple charges of flight to avoid.

"He's very dangerous," Jasper said.

In fact, when he allegedly shattered Jasper's jaw, he was out on bond for a weapons offense out of Denver from last April.

"The fact that he was arrested with $2,100 in his pocket, I felt like $2,500 was ridiculous," Jasper said.

Even in the safe house, Rodriguez's threats she said are still finding her.  On Thursday, she said he texted: "Fear is when you sleep with one eye open.  Pray the Lord my soul to keep."

Jasper said she can only hope police get him before he finds her.

"You're always watching your back, you always feel like someone's gonna come get you," Jasper said.

The District Attorney filed a motion to increase Rodriguez's bond on Sept. 21, but that motion was not ruled on before he posted bail on Oct. 4.

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