School districts are scrambling to get flood-impacted kids back to class for annual enrollment count

Tuesday is official school enrollment "count date"

Monday was the deadline for school districts impacted by floods to request an alternative student enrollment "count date."

Tuesday is the official count date, when Colorado public schools tally student attendance figures used to receive annual state funding. But given the challenges posed by flood-displaced students, the Colorado Department of Education is allowing districts to select attendance figures from an alternative count date, from Aug. 15 through Oct. 20.

"We get about $6,300 per student," said Theresa Myers of Greeley-Evans School District 6.

In Greeley-Evans District 6, about 800 students are now considered homeless and about 100 of those students have still not returned to class.

"State funding is based on that number of students we have during that count window," Myers said.

Dr. Keith Owen of the Colorado Department of education estimates flooding has impacted 30 school districts.  It's unknown how many students still have not returned to class statewide by Tuesday, but districts are scrambling to make sure all students are in class so they're counted.

"Principals and staff have been trying to locate those students and calling them directly, visiting their homes or where they're now staying to try to get information to see if they can come back to school," Myers said.

Randy Ivy of Weld County knows firsthand the challenges of getting back to normalcy.  His family is all split up, staying with friends because their house was destroyed in the flood.

"They're just kind of spread out right now.  It's not nice. People are just having to do what they can do," Ivy said.

Schools are too, trying to get kids back to class so they can get the dollars they desperately need to fund education.

"They need to be back learning, continuing with their education," Myer said.


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