Scammers may be targeting homes in Wash Park West by posing as security company employees

Neighbors report recent thefts

DENVER - Residents in Denver’s Wash Park West neighborhood are concerned that scammers may be targeting homes in that area.

One resident, who asked for anonymity, says two young men came to her door Saturday morning and said they were from a security company.

“They flashed a badge, but it was so quick, I couldn’t see it,” the resident said.

“They had matching hats and matching jackets and said they were licensed to check the backup battery on our security panel,” she said.

She told 7NEWS that the panel had already been replaced, so she closed the door and then called her security company, Vivint.

“They said, ‘no,’ the men had no connection with their company and shouldn’t be doing that,” she said. “They suggested I call police.”

Police told 7NEWS that they also received another call from the same block earlier that morning.

The resident said it’s possible they were salesmen, but she doesn’t think so.

“I think they were casing the house,” she said, “looking to see what they might be able to come back for.”

Police say there were no reports of any break-ins in that immediate neighborhood Saturday, but neighbors say there have been recent garage, auto and back yard break-ins.

“I have a neighbor who recently had her garage broken into,” said Keely Maher. “A couple of really expensive items were stolen, so it’s happening in this neighborhood and it’s scary.”

Maher told 7NEWS that until she learned about the other resident’s encounter, she likely would have let the men into her family’s home to check the alarm system.

“You want to have faith in people,” Maher said. “But now, I know to be on the lookout.”

“My reaction,” said Santiago Escobedo, “would be check the badges.”

Adding to the suspicious nature of the incident, the resident who reported the potential scam said she never saw a company vehicle in the neighborhood.

She said one of the young men had dark hair.  The other had long brown hair and a red cast on his arm.

She said she was so alarmed after calling her security company and police that she decided to use to notify other residents in Wash Park West and surrounding neighborhoods.

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