Saudi inmate Homaidan al-Turki sues to get files on denied transfer

DENVER - A Saudi man convicted of sexual assault is filing a lawsuit to get records on why his request to serve his sentence in his home country was denied.

The lawsuit filed Thursday alleges that Colorado's Department of Corrections denied Homaidan al-Turki the right to inspect his files. It also claims that corrections officials gave the records to the El Paso County Sheriff's Department.

That department is investigating the March slaying of corrections chief Tom Clements. A week before he was killed, Clements denied al-Turki's request to serve out his sentence in his native Saudi Arabia.

Al-Turki's lawyers have previously claimed that Colorado officials improperly leaked word that investigators were probing whether the killing was related to the denial.

Al-Turki's lawyers say that theory has been discredited.

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