Satire news site claims federal agents raided a medical marijuana shop without a warrant

DENVER - Another national news satire/parody site has taken aim at Colorado's legalization of marijuana with a story about "federal agents dressed in riot gear" raiding a medical marijuana shop without a warrant.'s headline was "Feds Raid Colorado Pot Shop."

“This is a gross violation of our Constitutional rights as American citizens. Those files contain personal information of our clients and their transactions," the website quoted the owner of "Rite Greens Pot Shop" in Denver.

The satirical news website story linked to a previous story headlined " Colorado Pot Shop Attempts To Disarm Citizens With `Weed for Guns` Buyback Program' that detailed the shop trading marijuana for guns. 

Apparently some readers took the article seriously with one commenting " Big Brother will do anything to disarm us…"  Another reader contacted 7NEWS to ask if we were going to cover the story of the federal raid on the medical marijuana shop.  She said she spotted the headline on

Another other article on the website, about the same fictitious pot shop in Denver claimed they accepted food stamps for medical marijuana purchases with this headline: "Colorado Pot Shop Accepting Food Stamps – Taxpayer Funded Marijuana for Welfare Recipients."

Also on the same website, we spotted a headline titled: "12-Year-Old Divorces Parents Over Wrong Christmas Present."

Even some legitimate news organizations have fallen victim to the National Report site, apparently not fact-checking the articles or the source.

During last year's government shutdown Fox News host Anna Kooiman re-reported a false story from the parody site that said President Barack Obama had offered to keep the International Museum of Muslim Cultures open with cash from his own pocket.  The museum, in Jackson, Miss., is not federally funded.

Kooiman later tweeted her mistake was due to "flawed research."

Another National Report parody article that made the rounds last summer claimed that Barack Obama told AP reporter Ramona Darlington that members of the Tea Party fit the profile of a domestic terrorist.  The story went viral in some circles. There is no Ramona Darlington at the AP and the quotes attributed to the president were made up.

Last week, another satirical website posted a story about scores of people dying in Colorado from marijuana overdoses, after recreational marijuana became legal.

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