Royal Gorge Bridge and Park repairs could cost $25-$40 million

CANON CITY, Colo. - Repairs at the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park could cost $25 to $40 million, according to Royal Gorge Vice-President and General Manager Mike Bandera.

The fire last month burned more than 3,000 acres in the area and destroyed 48 of the park's 52 buildings.

The park has been closed since the fire. Demolition work has already begun. Crews have also removed the tramway cables that fell into the gorge when the tramway buildings burned.

"Due to the immense destruction the Park received during the Royal Gorge Fire, we do not have an anticipated reopening date," officials said on the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park's website. "While we are hoping to be open on a limited basis for the fall of 2013, there have been no confirmed dates."

Bandera said the park hopes to start offering a "one-way bridge only" ticket by mid-to-late August.

That ticket would allow people to drive through the North Gate, drive across the bridge, and proceed out the South Gate, Bandera explained.

"It’s important to us, the City of Canon City, and the Royal Gorge Region to be able to open up the bridge as soon as we can. The bridge has had close to 26 million visitors since 1929 and people are interested now more than ever in the spectacular structure," Bandera said.

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