Roof collapse damages sprinkler, flooding Kids Against Hunger Denver's food stockpile

DENVER - Kids Against Hunger, a nonprofit with several locations throughout the nation, is searching for a new warehouse in Denver after a roof collapse damaged a sprinkler system and flooded their stockpile of food.

Kenward Bradley, president of Kids Against Hunger's Denver branch, says the roof of the Agape building at 1690 S. Chambers Rd. collapsed on Sunday. The food stockpile was being kept in the building's basement.

"The roof collapse broke a fire sprinkler pipe and flooded the building with about 5 inches of water which all ran down into the basement," Bradley wrote in an email to 7NEWS.

Happily, Bradley reports that most of the food in the basement was salvageable. It was donated in bulk to Nation to Nation Ministries.

The donated food included rice, soy, vegetables and vitamins. Bradley says the food will eventually be made into meals and delivered to the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in Pine Ridge, South Dakota.

Currently, the salvaged supplies and equipment are being kept in a storage locker.

"I am waiting for the sealers, scales and sound system to dry out before we access how much damage was done, but all in all it is not as bad as it could have been under the circumstances," Bradley wrote. "Fortunately the food was stored on pallets and that helped."

Bradley says his organization is now searching for a new warehouse. He says they require between 2,000 and 4,000 feet and a loading dock.

Contact information for Bradley and his charity is available on its website.

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