Robbers with assault-style weapon sought in Aurora business robberies

At least 6 businesses hit

AURORA - Aurora police are asking for the public's help in identifying two robbery suspects who have hit businesses  carrying what appears to be an assault-style rifle with an attached magazine.

Police said the two young black males enter businesses or stores wearing hoodies, with their faces covered with bandanas. They often wear latex gloves and display aggressive behavior during the robberies.  They demand money from the register and flee on foot, usually through alleyways, police said.

The two have hit at least six businesses, including the latest,  a 7-11 on Montview Boulevard early Thursday morning, police said.

Police said that robbery was interrupted when an officer driving by spooked the robbers, and they ran without the money.

"You never know what they'll do next, how desperate they are," said Frank Fania, spokesman for the Aurora Police Department. "Are they going to use these weapons?"

Crimestoppers is offering a $2,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspects and Aurora police offered an additional $5,000 for information leading to the identification, arrest, and conviction of the two.



The robbers have held-up three businesses in block on Montview Boulevard, which leads police to believe they may live in the area, Fania said.
"If something had happened, who would take care of my family?" asked the owner of the liquor store hit in March, who did not want to be identified for fear of retaliation.  "I am having nightmares since then. How would you feel if someone pointed a gun at you? It's scary."
If you have information about this case contact Metro Denver Crime Stoppers at 720-913-STOP or Detective Sergeant Reno with the District 1 Crimes Against Property Unit at 303-739-1808 or
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