Rising yeast in dinner rolls almost killed Dingo the dog

DENVER - Dingo the dog is lucky to be alive after eating a pan of dinner rolls.

Dingo's owner, Justin Groom, recently got a new roommate. The roommate said a house wasn't a home until she baked her grandmother's bread there.

The roommate made the dough, then put the pan of rolls on a heating vent on the floor to make them rise. The door to the room was closed, but Dingo smelled the aroma and pushed his way into the room where he ate all two dozen rolls, according to VPI -- Veterinary Pet Insurance.

Suddenly, Groom said Dingo started acting peculiar -- stumbling around, tripping over his dog bed and eventually unable to stand.

After researching the dangers of dough ingestion on the Internet, Justin realized that the ingestion had resulted in alcohol poisoning and rushed Dingo to the emergency animal hospital, VPI said.

The veterinarian couldn't induce vomiting since too much time had gone by, but thanks to a variety of medication, the dog survived, VPI reported.

“Unbaked bread dough, in particular, can be toxic and even deadly because it ferments into alcohol and can lead to stomach bloat -- it’s a double whammy as it causes two potentially life-threatening problems," said Carol McConnell, DVM, vice president and chief veterinary medical officer for VPI. "Veterinarians see more alcohol poisoning -- from atypical sources such as unbaked bread dough or rum-soaked baked goods – during the holidays."

As a result of this incident, Dingo earned himself the title of November's "Most Unusual Claim" by Veterinary Pet Insurance. To read the rest of Dingo's story, visit VPI's website.

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