Rising concerns about rising water around Lyons

LYONS, Colo. - Sunday's rain is causing concerns about rising water levels in Colorado rivers, especially around the town of Lyons which was devastated by floods last September and is still working to recover.

Residents in nearby Raymond even called 911 early Sunday as the St. Vrain breached its banks and a bridge, causing pools of water between cabins and the road.

"About 1 a.m. one of  my neighbors knocked on our door," said Brad Langdon. "Two families here year-round and my wife and I got up and moved our cars to the other side of the bridge in case anything would happen."

With the rain came renewed anxieties with neighbors out surveying the river and snapping pictures as rain fell sporadically Sunday afternoon.

"(Saturday) night when the flood warnings were in effect, we could hear the boulders rolling down the river. It was kind of scary," said Vicki Dyas. "We had to come out and have a look."

Residents said people are watching and listening to the river more closely than ever.

"We were more complacent before," said William Dyas, of heightened awareness after September's floods.

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