Richard Koca, founder of national non-profit for at-risk kids pleads not guilty to child sex assault

StandUp for Kids founder pleads not guilty

CENTENNIAL, Colo. - The founder of a non-profit organization for at-risk youth pleads not guilty to child sex assault  Wednesday. 

During the arraignment, the Arapahoe County prosecutor announced they have a "tape recorded confession" from Richard Koca Sr. 

Koca, 70, is the founder of StandUp for Kids, a nationwide non-profit for at-risk and homeless children.  

Koca was arrested Sept. 15, 2012 in Aurora on allegations that he repeatedly sexually assaulted a boy who was under his supervision.

After 7NEWS requested arrest documents in September, the case summary was removed from, the Colorado court records website, and the court documents were sealed. 

7NEWS has confirmed Koca faces 22 charges of sexual assault on a child by a person in a position of trust, involving a pattern of abuse.

According to an Arapahoe County Court case summary obtained by 7NEWS before Koca's case was sealed,  the alleged abuse began in August 2009 and continued into 2012.

Because the case is sealed, it is still not clear if the allegations against Koca are connected to his involvement with StandUp for Kids.

Archived versions of the StandUp for Kids website includes Koca’s message about helping homeless youth and a message from the founder.  The most recent published website has no mention of the founder.

StandUp for Kids has reported work with programs in 37 cities nationwide, including Denver.

The executive director of the StandUp for Kids program in Denver released a statement in September 2012 responding to Koca's arrest, "The allegations cannot detract from their efforts and should not take away from the good things the organization accomplishes."

Koca was on the StandUp for Kids board of directors until two days after his arrest. 

Koca's involvement with children was not limited to his work for StandUp for Kids.  Koca volunteered with organizations to help children worldwide.  He was a Scout Master for the Boy Scouts of America in Panama, volunteer at an orphanage in England, and involved in Explorer scout programs in San Diego, California.

The case set to go to trial in July.

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