Retired Denver police officer and his wife killed in Arizona plane crash

A retired Denver police officer and his wife were among the four people killed in a plane crash in Arizona Friday.

Two of the victims have been tentatively identified as Mike and Joy Hughes, according to the Yavapai County Sheriff's Department.

Witnesses said the Cessna 340 clipped some trees while flying over northern Arizona...exploding on impact.

"At first you're hoping that maybe there's a mistake," said Denver Police Sgt. Virginia Quinones.

Sgt. Quinones is a 21-year friend of the Hughes.  She worked alongside Michael Hughes until he retired as a Lieutenant from the Denver Police Department in 2007.

"In every area he worked he made friends.  He made those close relationships because that was the kind of guy Mike Hughes was," Quinones said.

Hughes was a retired Major from the U-S Army Reserves.  He had a passion for guns and taught firearms training at the Gunsight Academy in Arizona.  It was his wife Joy, however, who had his heart.

"These two were inseparable, best of friends, husband and wife, did everything together," Quinones said.

The Hughes never lacked for friends.  Pictures showed them vacationing together.  Mike had a contagious smile and his bride was always by his side.  It's those memories, Quinones said she'll miss the most.

"My last text from Mike was, 'hey where we gonna go next year, you guys think about it.'  That’s the thing that is kind of hitting us is that we won’t, but it was nice that we had the times together that we did," Quinones said.

The Hughes own the Raven Company in Aurora. The company offers gun safety classes and training.

His wife, Joy, 63, is listed as the email contact for the Raven Company.

James Parrish, 57, was the documented owner of the 6-seater Cessna 340 that went down. His wife, Lisa, 54 was also aboard the plane. They were from Terrell, Texas.

No one onboard survived the crash.

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