Retailers prepare for Black Friday, some workers prepare to strike

Black Friday preps already under way in Denver

Black Friday is still days away but Denver retailers are already preparing for the big day.

At the Best Buy in Denver on Colorado Boulevard Sunday night, employees gathered and got their game plan for the biggest shopping day of the year. Employees also got the chance to stock new merchandise.

General Manager William Young said hours of planning goes into Black Friday.

"This year, unlike last year, there's an extra week of holiday shopping," Young said. "Which gives our customers more time, an extra seven days, to shop."

Best Buy will open its doors at midnight Friday morning. Other retailers like Walmart and Toys R Us plan to open early Thanksgiving night.

Some shoppers aren't thrilled about the holiday madness.

Denver shopper and small business owner Dan Danbom penned a guest commentary in the Denver Post Sunday, urging retailers to stop the madness. He'd like to see retailers all agree to just open Black Friday morning to allow employees to spend time with their families.

"I thought someone should say enough is enough," Danbom said "I just think it is runaway commercialism. It's turned shopping into a competitive sport."

Early openings are even adding fuel to the fire between Walmart and some of its employees. There is a huge push among some employees of the retail giant to unionize. Now, some employees are angered by the fact they've been told they have to report to work early Thanksgiving afternoon to be prepared for extra store hours.

A support group for Walmart employees is now planning a strike at some stores across the country. In Lakewood, a rally is planned outside the Walmart on Colfax.

At Best Buy, William Young said employees who work Thanksgiving night volunteered to do so and he said actually enjoy Black Friday.

"You do have to be fair because in reality they're humans as well," Young said. "They have families. They have friends." 

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