Residents get no respite from management after a week without heat

Hundreds forced to heat condos with ovens

DENVER - For Lisa Wiley, living in the cold is getting awfully old.

"This oven is what I use to heat out right here. In my room, this is what I got right here," she said pointing to a space heater.

Wiley lives in one of the 300 condos at Woodstream Falls Condominiums that have had no heat for the past week. She and hundreds of other residents have been heating their units with ovens and space heaters as temperatures outside plunged.

"I'm fed up. I've had it up to here," Wiley said.

Leaky pipes shut off the heat to the complex a week ago. The HOA admits it's an ongoing problem. In April, residents said they went three weeks without heat and in October heat was shut off again in parts of the complex.

"The owners could be doing something about this but they don't live here so they don't care," said resident Greg Ulmer.

HOA President, Son Chu, told 7NEWS this happens every year during spring and winter. Chu said the pipes are 40 years old and would cost $6 million to replace.

"At this moment, owners of the condo don't want to spend the necessary funds to replace all of the pipes underground," Chu said.

7NEWS asked Chu if he was concerned about the fire danger from the residents running their ovens and space heaters 24 hours a day to stay warm.

"Of course the concern is there, but we need heat for them," Chu said.

For residents like Wiley, that answer isn't good enough.

"I think they cowards and I think they inconsiderate," Wiley said.

Chu said he hoped to have the leaks repaired by Friday night.

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