Renovations to Crown Hill Park on hold

Jefferson County wants more neighbor input

WHEAT RIDGE, Colo. - Controversial plans to makeover Jefferson County's Crown Hill Open Space Park have been put on hold.

In January, 7NEWS began asking questions about the $900,000 planned renovation that included improving fitness stations, fixing trails, updating bathrooms and putting in shade and nature play areas around the park.  At that time, Jefferson County Open Space Director Tom Hoby said residents had plenty of time to weigh in and the county planned to move forward with the project despite their opposition.

Two months later, resident Jane Cole said Jefferson County is finally listening.

"We're very excited Jefferson County has agreed that the citizens of Jefferson County do not want the nature play areas that they had anticipated having here," Cole said.

Following our story, the county temporarily put the project on hold and put a survey online to get feedback.  Thea Rock, Communications Manager for Jefferson County Open Space, said about 1,200 people responded to the survey and the majority didn't want the nature play areas built in the park.

"Because people had told us basically that's not what they wanted here at Crown Hill Park, we're listening to them and we're not going to proceed," Rock said.

Neighbors said while they're happy with that decision, the fight isn't over yet.

Renovation plans also include the proposal to build a shade structure which is also drawing criticism.

"It's people congregating.  It's kids running around.  I think it's a pretty park, it really needs to stay as natural as possible," said concerned neighbor, Amy Croft.

7NEWS asked Jefferson County whether everything in the plans is up for discussion now.

" Actually we do have some givens in the project.  We will be replacing the restroom, the trail work has been completed.  We will bring in an information kiosk," Rock said.

It's an answer Cole and others feel is acceptable, after all, they just wanted a voice in the matter.

"Jefferson County Open Space and the citizens of Jefferson County can have a better and more open communication style between each other," Cole said.

Jefferson County Open Space is holding another public meeting on April 30 to hear more citizen input.

For more information on their efforts to preserve the natural open space of the park visit:

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