Remains may be Colo. gold prospector searching for Lost Dutchman Mine

Jesse Capen disappeared in 2009

PHOENIX - Remains found in Arizona this week may be a gold prospector from Colorado who went missing three years ago.

Jesse Capen disappeared in the Superstition Mountains near Phoenix in December 2009. Hikers discovered Capen's Jeep on December 20, 2009.

The Maricopa County Sheriffs Office said bones were discovered in the area on Saturday afternoon, about a half-mile from where Capen's Jeep was discovered in 2009.

"We believe we found Jesse," said officials with the Superstition Search & Rescue. "Everything at the scene would indicate that the remains and personal items are of Jesse."

The remains will be sent to the county medical examiner for identification.

Officials with Superstition Search and Rescue said they never stopped the search and have been in constant contact with the Capen family.

Capen's mother, Cynthia Burnett, said her son was obsessed with the Lost Dutchman mine and had more than 100 books and maps about it.
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