Recreational pot industry burning medical marijuana patients

Finding 'meds' getting harder for card holders

DENVER - Medical marijuana card holder, Jacqueline Baiotto, used to get debilitating migraines.

"I can't do anything but sit over the toilet and throw up. It's really bad," Baiotto said.

Lately, something else is giving her a headache.

"It's just hard to get the things I need," Baiotto told 7NEWS.

Baiotto said an increase in demand for recreational pot has created a decrease in supply for medical users. She and the nearly 111,000 other medical marijuana card holders in Colorado are struggling to get the meds they need.

"They care more about getting money from the recreational side rather than helping patients. It's very frustrating," Baiotto said.

Money, it appears, talks.

7NEWS surveyed 10 pot shops at random and found average recreational prices were double those of medical pot prices. All but two shops offered more strains of recreational marijuana.

"A couple of things that I've been hearing is there's less options and prices have gone up," said Dylan Hunter, an employee at Fox Street Wellness.

Hunter told 7NEWS more medical patients are now turning to them. The store has more than 80 strains and he said they're focused more on care, not cash.

"We have strains that are specific to the patient's ailment. Sometimes when they have really bad back pain, we need to give them a really heavy indica," Hunter said. "When they need to be more functional, more on the go, we give them a high CBD (cannabinoid).

That, Baiotto said, gives peace of mind to her and hundreds of other patients who need it most.

"Coming in here at Fox Street, I can ask questions about everything," Baiotto said.

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