Recall efforts underway for lawmakers supporting gun control legislation

DENVER - Four Colorado lawmakers are facing a possible recall after supporting new gun control legislation in Colorado.

Three senators and one representative are targets by different groups across the state, but those organizing the recalls have an uphill battle. Under Colorado law, each recall petition needs to have 25 percent of all the votes cast in the previous election for the targeted lawmaker.

Senate President John Morse, who is term limited, is being challenged by two different groups, "I am surprised," he said by phone Sunday. "It's not really an affective, appropriate way to deal with political issues."

His recall battle has become nasty with attack advertisement already airing on radio stations in his district of Colorado Springs.

Basic Freedom Defense Fund, based in Brighton, is the second group trying to collect signatures to recall the state senate president.

"He's a very powerful politician and he's the one who pushed all this to go through; he's the man to go after," said Anthony Garcia, the group's founder.

Garcia is upset with Morse for pushing gun legislation he says violates second amendment rights.

"He also promised to focus on jobs and the economy and he hasn't done that. The bills he passed has caused hundreds of jobs to leave the state; they've lost the state millions in tax revenue," said Garcia.

His organization will need nearly 7,200 signatures from Morse's district, which is equally diverse with Republicans, Democrats and Independents, to get a recall election.

Those signatures need to be collected by June 3 and turned into the Colorado Secretary of State's office.

Garcia wouldn't tell 7NEWS how many signatures his group has collected so far, but they feel it will be successful in forcing a recall election.

Morse disagrees, saying, "I have a strong, strong, strong support of the district, and probably the strongest I ever had. I get stopped on the streets for the first time in my political career for taking a true stand, showing true leadership and true courage."

Senators Evie Hudak of Westminster and Angela Giron of Pueblo are also part of a recall effort by other independent groups. Those trying to recall the senators will need 19,000 signatures for Hudak and 11,500 for Giron.

Representative Mike LcLachlan of Durango is also facing a recall effort.

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