RAW VIDEO: Watch entire video of wild police chase and double carjacking caught on tape

LONGMONT, Colo. - The dramatic chase of a kidnapping suspect Wednesday morning was all captured on video by AIRTRACKER7.

Watch the entire hour-long chase and double carjacking in the video above.

See how the suspect carjacked two vehicles and weaves between traffic at speeds reaching upwards of 100 mph, hitting several cars and injuring a trooper before his eventual arrest in Douglas County.

To see a real-time timeline of the car chase, go here:  http://ch7ne.ws/1lWHCV6

The video starts at 7:15 a.m. when AIRTRACKER7 spotted the stolen red SUV on I-25.

Other key moments in the video:

At the 4:44 mark: Suspect exits Thornton Parkway just as three patrol vehicles get on I-25.

At 13:55: Suspect drives down embankment to enter E470.

At 23:15: Suspect carjacks gold minivan.

At 24:10: Suspect goes wrong way on E470 and swerves to avoid police, nearly hitting semitrailer head-on.

At 24:45: Suspect avoids two spike sticks thrown out by troopers.

At 47:25: Suspect strikes trooper who is laying down stop sticks.

At 48:25: Suspect exits highway and hits silver BMW.  He gets out of the car, waves his arms around and then returns to the gold minivan.

At 49:10: Suspect rear-ends black Nissan and then sideswipes a silver Toyota. He then yanks woman out of her Toyota and takes off with the car.

At 50:50: Suspect rams into three vehicles at the intersection, jumps out of silver Toyota and runs off but is caught after a brief foot chase.

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