Racist fliers in northwest Denver spark talks about gentrification

DENVER - A group of Denver residents are speaking out after nearly a dozen racist fliers were posted in their northwest Denver neighborhood.  The signs posted had offensive messages such as "Get rid of poor Hispanics," "White Power," and "This neighborhood belongs to the whites now."

"Somebody comes in and says Mexicanos go home, where? I mean this is my home," said Rosalinda Aguirre who has lived in the area for more than 40 years.

Local Poet Bobby LeFebre took to the streets Saturday afternoon with a handful of supporters carrying #WeAreNorthDenver signs. He had a message to the person who posted the fliers.

"To the author of the hate speech spewed across our neighborhood, I invite you to remove your mask and sit at a table with me to discuss your discontent," LeFebre said at the corner of Tejon Street and West 32nd Avenue, one of the groups many stops.

LeFebre said gentrification has changed the neighborhood. Affordable homes have been replaced by high-rise buildings and billingual bookstores have been replaced by boutiques, he said.

"They’re calling it an evolution as if what existed their before was some how subhuman but my neighborhood had history," LeFebre said.

Rosalinda Aguirre said she remembered when her neighborhood was a mixture of cultures, but high property taxes and new development forced many people out.

"We have lost a lot of neighbors, older neighbors who have been living here forever," said Aguirre.

Denver Police are investigating the incident but have not named any suspect.

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