Rabid bat found in west Fort Collins

FORT COLLINS, Colo. - A bat found in west Fort Collins has tested positive for rabies, according to the Larimer County Department of Health and Environment.

"This time of year bats begin to emerge from hibernation or begin their northern migrations," said Rich Grossmann, Environmental Health specialist with the Health Department. "During this seasonal movement, bats may roost in temporary sites increasing the likelihood of human or pet contact."

Officials said while bats and skunks are the main carriers of rabies in Colorado, raccoons, bison, horses, a cat, foxes, and cattle have also tested positive for rabies along the Front Range.

To protect yourself, officials say:

  • Avoid animals displaying aggressive or other behavior unnatural for its breed
  • Avoid touching wild animals at all times, even if they seem “tame”
  • Do not try to care for a wild animal that seems ill
  • Teach children NEVER to touch a wild animal and to report finding a dead or sick animal to an adult immediately
  • Keep bats from entering your home through damaged screens, open windows and small holes near doors or under gutters
  • Report animals that look sick or behave in unusual ways to the Larimer Humane Society Animal Control program at 970-226-3647, #7.  Skunks and bats are active at night, so if you see one during the daytime, it may be ill.

If you suspect your pets or livestock have been in contact with a rabid animal or if they are showing signs of illness or unusual or aggressive behavior, officials suggest you contact your veterinarian immediately.

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