Purple stripe on Blake Street for Rockies' home opener ends up teal after snowstorm

DENVER - A tradition celebrating the Rockies' opening day was washed away during Wednesday night's wet snow storm.

The purple stripe made its 19th appearance on Wednesday, an annual event announcing the opening baseball game at the Rockies' home location, Coors Field. Weather brought several inches of wet snow to the city Wednesday night, washing away the purple stripe and leaving a vague teal-colored streak on the Blake Street pavement.

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The Rockies beat the Miami Marlins 6-5 on Wednesday in Miami, when the purple stripe was being painted 2,000 miles away in Denver. On Thursday, the snow melted, leaving a teal stripe as the Marlins beat the Rockies 5-8. Teal was previously the main color for the Marlins' logo and uniforms, before they received a rebranding in 2011.

Denver Public Works did not indicate if they were going to re-paint the stripe before the first Rockies home game of the season on Friday at 2:10 p.m. 

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