Puppy thieves took three puppies, then tried to run over witness

NORTHGLENN, Colo. - Police are trying to identify two puppy thieves who hit a witness who tried to stop them.

The owner of Puppies 'n' Stuff on 104th said two men came into the business last Thursday afternoon, picked up three puppies, then ran out the door.

"It's pretty bold in the middle of the day," said Sandy McDonald, the pet store's owner. "Didn't worry about being sneaky or anything like that.  They just grabbed them and ran.  Didn't care that there were other families in here."

Kris Goggin saw the theft and started chasing them, Northglenn Police said.

"Immediately I put two and two together and I started chasing them," said Goggin.

The witness told police he saw the thieves get into a black Jeep Grand Cherokee being driven by a woman.

Police said when the witness tried to stop the vehicle, the driver accelerated and clipped Goggin, knocking him to the ground.

"The driver's side corner of her car hit me.  I kind of went up on the car and then back onto my back," Goggin said.

He was unable to catch the license plate information, police said.

Two white Maltese puppies and one male German shepherd were stolen.

"It just makes me sick thinking about it," McDonald said. "I don't know if they sold them on Craigslist.  I don't know if they sold them to dog fighters. I don't know what they did with them."

The witness said the driver of the Jeep Grand Cherokee was a Hispanic woman, 16-30 years of age, with shoulder length dark hair. Surveillance cameras caught an image of the suspected thieves.

If you recognize any of the suspects, please contact the Northglenn Police Department at 303-450-8893.

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