Puppy thief breaks pet store window, grabs puppies

ARAPAHOE COUNTY, Colo. - A brazen puppy poacher throws a rock through the window of a pet store in Arapahoe County and makes off with three expensive puppies.

Sheriff's deputies were at Aquatic Dog at W. Iliff Avenue and Quebec Street Wednesday night, getting surveillance video that shows the thief breaking the window and then climbing into the store.

The thief can be seen reaching into a cage and pulling out three puppies, then putting them in a bag before climbing back through the broken window.

A 10-week-old Yorkie puppy and two 9-week-old Bugg puppies were taken. 

The thief couldn't reach a fourth puppy in the same cage.

The store owner says the puppies need a lot of special care at that young age.

The Yorkie is worth $1,500 and the Buggs are worth $700 each.

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