Probation officer says former Arapahoe County Sheriff Patrick Sullivan tested postive for alcohol

Judge says no change in Sullivan probation terms

CENTENNIAL, Colo. - A probation officer says former Arapahoe County Sheriff Patrick Sullivan's urine sample tested positive for alcohol which is a violation of his probation.

Sullivan was in court on Tuesday for a hearing to modify the terms of his probation..

On the stand, Sullivan's probation officer said she told Sullivan she saw manipulative behavior on his part. She said Sullivan admitted that was accurate.

The officer also said Sullivan had gotten a new roommate who didn't have a job. She was concerned this was similar to earlier "friends."


The Chief Judge of the 18th Judicial District Court rejected a request to require Sullivan to undergo a psycho-sexual evaluation.

Sullivan, who was arrested following a sting operation, pleaded guilty on April 3 to possession of methamphetamines and to soliciting a prostitute.

Probation officer, Hallie Miller, told the court she requested the psycho-sexual evaluation for four main reasons.

  • She said that after watching the investigator's interview of the former sheriff she felt he hadn't accepted responsibility for his actions.
  • She also said Sullivan was manipulative and wasn't truthful about his alcohol use.
  • She said he didn't disclose the progress he was making in therapy.
  • She also said she was concerned that Sullivan had taken a roommate and might exercise control over that person.

A psycho-sexual evaluation is one that focuses on sexual history and interests.

Judge William Blair Sylvester noted that Sullivan was given two years probation and must comply with all the terms.

Sylvester said the court could consider modifying the terms, but must find good cause and that it must relate to "new" information.

The judge said the interview with investigators was not new, so it was not appropriate to use that video as the driving factor in his decision.

He said the untruths regarding alcohol "are those we typically see with substance abusers."

Regarding the progress in therapy, the judge said Sullivan has been participating in the Genesis counseling.

"While more progress can be made," the judge said, "he has not been terminated. So progress is being made."

Regarding the roommate issue, Sylvester said he shares Miller's concerns that there could be a power or control issue, but added, "I have not heard about any improper behavior."

The judge then denied the request for a psycho-sexual evaluation.


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