Prior to murder, victim Nate Leon was forced to make recording by parole absconder Evan Ebel

DENVER - Moments before he killed Nathan Leon, parolee Evan Ebel forced the pizza delivery driver to record a rambling statement that seemed to denounce prison officials for putting inmates such as himself into solitary confinement.

Prosecutors made that revelation in federal court filings related to the upcoming sentencing of Stevie Vigil, who pleaded guilty to buying the 9mm Smith & Wesson handgun Ebel used to kill Leon and Colorado prisons chief Tom Clements in March.

In the filing, federal prosecutors state outright that Ebel killed Clements, even though El Paso County law enforcement officials have not yet definitively blamed Ebel for the killing. Ebel's gun was linked to both the killings of Leon and Clements.

The recording was found on a hand-held voice recorder discovered among other items after Ebel was killed in a shootout with Texas authorities on March 21, 2013.

-- LINK: Our partners at The Denver Post have published quotes from this recording

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