President of Jax Mercantile says Newtown shooting convinced him to stop selling assault rifles

FORT COLLINS, Colo. - The President of Jax Mercantile has ceased all sales of assault firearms after the recent tragedy in Newton, Connecticut.

President Jim Quinlan told 7NEWS he debated pulling assault-style weapons before but the Sandy Hook shooting ultimately made his decision.

“I don't ever want to pick up the newspaper or turn on the television and hear that something I've been involved in, in the supply chain of, has been a tool in a tragedy," he said.

Since Monday, the store has stopped all sales of firearms holding more than ten rounds.

Quinlan has three children of his own and said hearing about the twins in Newtown; one who survived and one who didn’t, really hit home.

“It's about, 'What do we want to be as a company,'” Quinlan said.

Since his decision, Quinlan has received a large response. He shared some of the 165 emails with 7NEWS. The responses were primarily positive, but he’s also received negative comments from customers saying they will not be returning to his store.

“I posted a message to staff this morning thanking them for their support  and apologizing for the flak that some of them are taking over this decision. I think my staff, for a lot of them, they may not agree with it but they're supporting my decision, so I'm thankful for that and that's all I can do,” Quinlan said.

7NEWS reached out to Dick’s Sporting Goods and Sportsman’s Warehouse, neither have returned the call.

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