President Barack Obama makes final Colorado visit at a rally in Aurora

President Barack Obama arrived in Aurora so late Sunday night, it was almost Monday.

The president spoke before 20,000 supporters at 10:52 p.m. in Aurora. It was his final stop in the state before Election Day. He mentioned the devastation from Superstorm Sandy and said Aurora knows something about tragedy after this summer's theater shooting.

Obama's voice was hoarse at times after several days of nonstop campaigning. He urged voters to support him because they know him and can trust him. He criticized Mitt Romney for trying to hide his positions and pretend to be the candidate of change.

Obama said he can win Colorado.

"If you're willing to work with me, make some phone calls with me, turn out for me Colorado, we will win this state," the President said.

The Aurora visit was the 13th the president has made to Colorado during 2012.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney capped off his Colorado campaign with a big rally in Englewood Saturday night. Republican Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan will make his final Colorado stop Monday.

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