Preliminary hearing continues Friday in quintuple murder, fire at Fero's Bar and Grill

DENVER - Three men accused of brutally stabbing five people to death, then torching a Denver bar in October are expected back in court Friday to hear more evidence against them.

The preliminary hearing for Dexter Lewis and two brothers, Joseph and Lynell Hill, began in February. But after one day of testimony, the judge continued the hearing through today.

Prosecutors are expected to continue presenting evidence to convince the judge to put the three defendants on trial.

During the February hearing, an investigator testified that an informant told them Lewis was angry at the bar owner and another woman drinking at the bar the night of the murders.

The informant, Demarea Harris, said Lewis told him that bar owner Young Fero had booted him out of the bar once and that the other woman had kicked him and his girlfriend out of their apartment, according to Denver Police Det. Mark Crider.

Harris told police he went to use the bathroom and when he came back, Joseph Hill was wearing a Hulk mask and his brother, Lynell, was wearing an Iron Man mask.

The brothers were armed with handguns, and the brothers and Lewis were all wearing gloves, the informant said.

Lynell Hill was holding the Asian woman down on the floor, while Joseph Hill was running around looking for the cash register, Harris said.

Lewis was beating a woman on the dance floor and he was armed with a knife, Harris said.

"They put everyone on the ground,"  the informant told police. "They were trying to control everybody, yelling about wallets, ID's and credit cards."

Harris told police he dropped to the floor, too, because they were pointing guns at him. He said he saw the men stab several people in the bar, Crider testified. When asked how many times they were stabbed,  Crider said, "Numerous.  (Harris) used a stabbing motion over and over and over."

Harris told police he jumped up and ran out the back door to a nearby King Soopers. As Harris was leaving, he said he saw the three men breaking bottles and pouring alcohol on the victims.

Harris told police the men took about $170 from the victims. Harris said Joseph Hill wanted to get money to help pay for a court case his brother was facing. They decided to rob Fero's because Joseph Hill was familiar with the bar and knew there were not a lot of people inside.

Firefighters responding to the early morning fire at the bar on South Colorado Boulevard found five bodies inside.

Those killed were bar owner Young Fero, 63; Daria M. Pohl, 21; Kellene Fallon, 44; Ross Richter, 29; and Tereasa Beesley, 45. The Denver Medical Examiner said all five victims died of multiple stab wounds.

Denver police said they believe the fire was set to cover up the killings and robbery was the motive in the slayings.

Less than one day after the bodies were discovered, police arrested Lewis, Joseph Hill and Lynell Hill.

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